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The Aftermarket and its benefits on your automobile parts

You go around driving your car when it suddenly happens. It may happen on your way to work, taking children to school, running chores or simply when you’re minding your own business, when you least expected it. It could be some noise in the engine, a broken rearview mirror; maybe the air conditioner stopped working. It could be a hundred different little details but they all mean the same thing: the time has come to buy automobile parts.

When this moment comes feeling worried is very common. After all, nobody likes situations like interrupting your daily routine. But this event in your life that many see as an issue can also be a big opportunity to compare prices, study benefits and make sure that your next automobile parts you shop be the right one for you.

Here’s when what in the automaker business is defined as the “Aftermarket”. In short, the Aftermarket can be defined as the industry in charge to studying, designing, building, making and distributing automobile parts once the vehicle has been sold.

The products made in the Aftermarket tend to be divided into two categories: the replacement parts, which are produced to replace the original equipment once these pieces have worn down. The other one are the accessories, which are made for the comfort, security, leisure or convenience of the user. Since the Aftermarket makers aren’t directly connected to the auto company they have more accessible prices than brand-produced parts and with a quality capable to compete with the alternatives that exist in the market.

The Aftermarket covers spark plugs, batteries and electric fans but it also deals with other things we usually take for granted for the vehicle such as the paint job and the oil and tire change. Every element that replaces a piece from the automobile after it’s out of the factory is part of the Aftermarket.

Automobile parts and the service industry

According to a 2006 study done by the Harvard Business Review one of the main faults of the current auto industry is not having correctly conceived the size of the Aftermarket and, more troublesome, the needs of the owner after having done its vehicle. This problem is seen in many types of industries but all have the same root: these industries, such as the automakers, are mainly concerned on manufacturing of their product and everything related to maintenance of such product, including spare parts, are a secondary focus.

Meanwhile, the Aftermarket industry is primarily a service-based industry rather than manufacturing and selling of goods, paying more attention to the realities of the consumer. Taking this into consideration, it’s no surprise that the alternative commerce of spare parts is four times larger than the dealership-based commerce.

But there are other things that have helped the Aftermarket industry to be in the position that is today. First of all, there’s the improvement of its quality. Long behind are the days were one would save up to buy brand parts worried that the alternative turned out to be a lemon, a complete waste of time, money and resources. New industrial technologies make possible that Aftermarket parts can compete with original equipment with virtually no issue and in some cases, turn out to be better than the original equipment.

Then, there are the prices and the types of services. Right now part of the reason behind the Aftermarket soaring is because of its state of constant development. The Aftermarket industry is much more diversified and competitive than the auto industry, forcing businesses to keep lower prices and be in constant renewal to adjust to fit in the needs of the public.

But the final choice is yours, the client. So, it’s important to deeply understand all the available choices and taking advantage of spare parts shopping, Next time you buy automobile parts can become an opportunity to give your car what it truly deserves.

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