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What you should know when you buy replacement parts for your car?

On average, a car has over 80,000 parts but sooner or later each and every one of them will need to be looked over by the vehicle owner. Even the newest car user is aware that not all replacement parts are the same, but are they aware of the difference among the broad varieties of auto parts?

As a consumer, this knowledge is essential whenever you need to look for the best products and understand the inherent relationship between price and quality. Many times it isn’t easy to understand the very small subtleties that make a wide array of replacement parts so different between each other. That’s why we bring this useful list where we explain the advantages of each type of replacement part:

  • First of all, there are the auto parts called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These are made as a joint venture between the automakers and the distributors and sold bearing the automobile brand. These replacement parts tend to last longer and have no compatibility problems with the vehicle.
  • Next, you have the Copy auto parts. Unlike the OEM, these are made and sold by the automaker distributors and carry their own brand instead of using the automakers’ brand. Accessible and reliable, these replacement parts are the perfect compromise between price and quality.
  • Finally, there are the so-called Consumable auto parts. These tend to be the most common replacement parts and overall the least expensive ones. These spare parts represent 80% of the world market.

Which replacement parts are best for you?

You can have a Toyota, a Hyundai, a Chrysler or any other high-quality vehicle with excellent performance. However, unrelated to the brand of your automobile, when the moment to buy replacement parts comes there are questions the car user must ask. We’ve already talked about the type of auto parts and you probably think you already have in mind a pretty clear picture when it comes about buying parts for your car. But there is another factor we haven’t considered at all: the human factor.

Due to many circumstances the acquisition of replacement parts here in our country can be a complicated affair. For many people, buying OEM parts is just a luxury they can’t spare and in some cases the user simply don’t notice the benefit.

The same situation happens with the copy auto parts. Just as the OEM, there’s a certain quality-cost relationship that, yes, makes them more accessible when needed and overall they are regarded as the middle point between OEM and Consumable auto parts, but they are still not readily available for every consumer.

Consumable auto parts, on the other hand, deserve much more credit than they are usually given. Their quality relies on the manufacturer and a considerable quantity may reach the same standard than the other two categories. Besides, by taking account how high the price of replacement pieces can reach one starts to understand why these are the best sold spare parts in the market.

At the end of the day, the vehicle user has the last word. Nonetheless, these are categories that are usually not discussed when time comes to acquire replacement parts. Knowing better the particular characteristics they possess, one becomes not only a well-informed buyer, but also empowered and with a clearer mental image of what one desires. 

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